Flood Progress Report

Author: Amanda Evans   Date Posted:3 March 2022 

Thankyou to all for your continued patience whilst we prepare the business for re-opening.  

We have now been able to access the site safely, and have had 2 really big clean up days so far. 

We had a significant 500mm (approximately) throughout the shop, and have been busy cleaning up, after a relatively "clean" flood - nothing like the silt and mud seen after 2011, nor the devastating height of the water through the shop (approx 2 metres) at that time.

We now concentrate on returning all stock to the shop and continue preparations for re-opening.

We are hopeful that once power is restored, this will expediate our efforts.  Generators remain a great short-term solution and have allowed us to push on.

The severe weather alerts this afternoon have delayed our efforts to re-stock somewhat, but we hope to gain the momentum again and look forward to welcoming back customers soon.

Please continue to check this blog post for updates and feel free to contact us on our phone number 07-32782987.  You will get an automated message, however we will make contact if you leave a message.  Alternatively, send an email, and shortly, we will re-instate all online ordering.  

Finally, we must thank our wonderful staff and their families for their continued efforts to get the shop back up and running, and for the amazing drops of food/treats/cakes/bottled water etc that continue to be made by local businesses and community members. 

We thank you.


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