About Us

We are a family owned and operated Queensland based business servicing Australian Customers for over 20 years!

We specialise in Foodservice Packaging, Warehousing, Fruit and Vegetable Packaging, Boutique packaging, Stationery, Point of Sale, and Office Supplies.

We provide quality Stationery and Packaging Products to Fruit and Vegetable Growers, Agents, Wholesalers and Retailers, as well as to Restaurants, Government Agencies, Transport Companies, Local Businesses, Market Stall Holders, Florists, Butchers, Day Cares, Kindies, Schools, Colleges, Universities and T.A.F.E.S, Religious, Charitable and Sporting Organisations, Foodservice Providores and the General Public.

We supply Wholesalers, Secondary Wholesalers, Fruit and Vegetable Businesses, Cafes and Takeaways, Restaurants, Caterers, Bakeries, Convenience Stores, Government agencies, Transport companies, Market Stall Holders, Florists, Butchers, Fishmongers, Schools and Colleges, Universities, Community and Sporting Organisations, Wedding Planners, Event Management Companies, Tuckshops and Canteens, Corporate Services, Cleaning Companies, Gift Shops, Health and Beauty Services... AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC!