About Us

We are a family owned and operated business, servicing Queensland for over 17 years.

We provide quality packaging solutions to a wide range of customers, including the general public. We specialise in Foodservice Packaging, Warehousing, Fruit and Vegetable Packaging, Boutique packaging, Stationery, Point of Sale, and Office Supplies.

We supply Wholesalers, Secondary Wholesalers, Fruit and Vegetable Businesses, Cafes and Takeaways, Restaurants, Caterers, Bakeries, Convenience Stores, Government agencies, Transport companies, Market Stall Holders, Florists, Butchers, Fishmongers, Schools and Colleges, Universities, Community and Sporting Organisations, Wedding Planners, Event Management Companies, Tuckshops and Canteens, Corporate Services, Cleaning Companies, Gift Shops, Health and Beauty Services...AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC!

Statpack also supplies approved members of IGA, Foodworks, and SPAR banner stores.

Come and Visit us, or call us on 1800 623 069 to speak with one of our friendly staff!


Did you know, for example that we sell....

Those clear bags to put cakes and lollies in to sell at my child's school fete
(polypropelene bags from 4x6 inches to 12x16 inches)

Those little seal bags to store my buttons in
 (magic seal bags from 11/2 x 2 inches to 14x16 inches)

Those clear bags to sell pillows at the markets
 (poly bags from 4x6 inches to 24x36 inches)

There are plenty of examples like these. All the funny things that we get asked for and even weirder, that we sell.

Our customers are constantly amazed at what we sell and we often hear "I didn't know where to get this from......"

So next time you're stuck,
give us a call
and let us

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Tesmik Pty Ltd a/t/f Trading as
Brisbane Market Stationers, Packaging, Tape and Supplies

ABN 36 768 840 836